The Perfect Spit Roast For Your Wedding Day

Hog roasts or spit roasts are essentially self-explanatory although they’ve evolved recently due to new technology that has changed the way they are cooked. In their basic form, this is basically a hog or pig mounted on a spit and cooked for a specified period of time over a wood or gas fire. Put like that, you would never need one for any occasion but they’ve changed hugely in recent times. 

Contemporary Birmingham hog roast and spit roasts are usually large mobile gas fired barbecues, much bigger than your home model, they can be towed by vehicles making them incredibly mobile and are typically made from food grade stainless steel. The plan enables very large hogs or other meat carcasses to be cooked evenly and allow to get a fat drip off into a bottom vessel so the whole unit could be kept very clean.  

First, they are extremely flexible, the new machines can go anywhere a car can go so if you’re having a wedding in a marquee in the middle of a field, no issue with a hog roast. Secondly, they are extremely yummy, everyone generally likes pork and other meats may also be eaten including lamb or beef so it is possible to accommodate most guests needs. The meat is usually served in rolls and generally pork is accompanied with an apple sauce and a salad.  

They’re also incredibly economical, typically the price of a hog roast for 100 individuals is under a normal wedding venue or events caterer would charge for a main meal or buffet. In the end, hog roasts caterers generally know what they’re doing and have catered for a high number of occasions and the quality of the service determines their company reputation. 

How can you find a nice hog roast supplier? 

You can look in wedding directories on your country like Catering 4 Baths. These can enable you to find suppliers in the local area. Furthermore, you can research online, there are a long list of credible hog roast companies that can provide you with the perfect supply for your perfect day. However, be sure to check they have all the required certificates and hygiene grades to ensure they’re professional and up to date with their health checks.

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